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SIS Beta Fuel 6 Pack - Orange

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The Science In Sport Beta Fuel Pack features a variety of delicious beta fuels by SiS including their mouthwatering chews, high-performance gels and their optimised drink mix, all in a tasty orange flavour. By incorporating the SiS Beta Fuel range, you can effectively meet the recommended fuelling goal of consuming 80–120 grams of carbohydrates per hour. This comprehensive range allows for seamless combination, ensuring a convenient approach to meet your fuelling needs.

This pack includes:

2 x Science In Sport (SIS) Beta Fuel Drink Mix - Orange: 

The Beta Fuel Drink Mix consists of 80g of carbs - being the next generation of endurance fuelling that is proven to enhance your power output and increases your body’s carbohydrate absorption. Strength-trained individuals may benefit from this new formula, an optimised 1:0.8 ratio of maltodextrin: fructose, as it increases the percentage of absorbed carbs in the body.

2 x Science In Sport (SIS) Beta Fuel Energy Chew - Orange:

SiS Beta Fuel Energy Chews are packed with a 1:0.8 glucose:fructose ratio to ensure maximum energy support, power and optimal performance. Guaranteed to be absorbed quickly in the gut without feeling bloated or any stomach discomfort. 

2 x Science In Sport (SIS) Beta Fuel Energy Gel - Orange:

The Beta Fuel Gels by SiS is packed with 40g carbohydrates to enhance athletes' energy production and efficiency of use.