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About Us

Get Smarter With Supplementation

The sports supplements you need, faster, locally – with satisfaction guaranteed.

We know the cost of improved athletic performance – on your time, your body – and your wallet. Boosting your diet with targeted nutrition will help you perform better, recover quicker and enjoy your training journey more. With so many sports supplements on the market, at so many price points, from all over the world, making the right choice is hard. Fuelld can help you by sense-checking products – and taste and performance-testing them, too!

The Fuelld story

Fuelld comes from passion – a passion just like yours.

To improve our training regime, run faster, cycle further, recover sooner, and do it all again tomorrow.

We’re experienced competitors, weekend warriors, and endurance beginners – just like you. We’ve spent a lot of time, money and brainpower researching what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to endurance sports supplements.

Get Fuelld to do epic things

At Fuelld, we’re athletes too. We’re local. And we share locally stocked, world-class sports supplements, delivered quickly to your door at the best prices in New Zealand.

We stock products based on evidence and experience. Not satisfied with taste or efficacy? We offer hassle-free returns.

We know the right product for you is out there.

As long as you’ve got your nutrition fundamentals in place, supplements like hydration drinks, gels, chews, bars and recovery supplements can play an important role in boosting performance and aiding recovery.

Whether you’re breaking records or just aiming to get across the finish line, Fuelld can guide you to the right supplement for every phase: from training to race day.

Fuelld can help you to help yourself:

  • boost performance
  • ensure hydration
  • increase stamina
  • reduce injury
  • reduce fatigue
  • support recovery.

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