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Maurten Solid Combo Pack

by Maurten
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Combo Pack / Bundle of 12 (6 of each flavor)

The majority of “energy” bars are made to have snack-appeal. SOLID, on the other hand, is built for fueling both performance and recovery. They are worlds apart — one is aimed at the top supermarket shelf, the other at the top of the podium.

The taste of SOLID is excellent and, like all Maurten products, is very easily digestible. There are two flavors, Natural, which is a basic oat bar flavor that is pleasantly sweet but purposely plain tasting. The other is C, which stands for cocoa and offers a tasty alternative to mix things up. 

SOLID is not a replacement to training and racing on Hydrogel — it’s a complement to it.

For marathon runners, SOLID is a perfect post-session or post-race recovery snack to replace carbohydrates. It also works as a pre-race meal alternative.

For cyclists, SOLID is a great fuel option for low-to-medium intensity rides and as a before and after snack.

For Ultra runners, the standard nutrition advice is to eat something solid every 4 hours. SOLID’s salt content is also an advantage in replacing sodium levels during long training sessions and races.

For triathletes, SOLID is an ideal between-session fuel as well as a post-session or post- race recovery snack to replace carbohydrates.

There are a few other ways to add Maurten SOLID to your routine:

  • Use Maurten Solid the night before a big event. Easily digestible overnight, it will keep you full, but also make sure your glycogen stores are fully topped up pre-big workout or race.
  • Use Maurten Solid as part of your post-workout refueling plan to curb hunger attacks and rebuild your glycogen stores quickly.

So what's our take?

  • The flavor profile is magnificent.
  • Easy to eat while going hard in a workout, and we all enjoy the fact you can eat without the desire to drink water directly after
  • Great pre-workout fuel when you want something "light" but robust enough for that 60-90 minute session
  • Great post-ride or an overnight way to rebuild your glycogen stores.
  • Perfect size and amount to feel like we were "satisfied" with the servings