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Maurten Gel 160

by Maurten
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Going long? Take more. It’s that simple.

Maurten changed the game of sports nutrition with their iconic hydrogel technology. Their Gel 100 is coveted by top athletes, but they wanted a bit more.

Now, Maurten has an even higher carb option with the Gel 160 – a 40g serving of energy in the same hydrogel technology.

Gel 160 is a bigger hydrogel option — encapsulating 40 grams of carbohydrates in each serving. The same proven technology built with just 6 natural ingredients — no added colors, preservatives or flavors.

Gel 160 is for athletes who want more energy in each gel. In endurance sport — to maintain performance — it’s important to fuel regularly. Every fueling moment needs to count. And the further you go, the more carbs you need to sustain performance. Gel 160 helps athletes achieve the right amount of carbs per hour with proven Hydrogel Technology — no matter the situation.

Gel 100 vs Gel 160:

Gel 100 and Gel 160 use the same patented Maurten Hydrogel Technology with the same ratio of fructose and glucose — 0.8:1.

Gel 100 has 25 grams of carbohydrates and Gel 160 has 40 grams.

Gel 160 is well suited to longer endurance races and sessions where fueling opportunities are less frequent. The larger format enables athletes to carry fewer sachets but still benefit from the same proven hydrogel performance.