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Skratch Labs - Energy Chews Combo Pack

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Skratch Labs Energy Chews are the ultimate fuel for active lifestyles. Packed with natural ingredients and balanced electrolytes, these tasty chews provide a swift, sustained energy boost without the crash.

With a focus on real fruit, non-GMO, and gluten-free sources, these chews are easy on your stomach and light on your conscience. They'll have you tackling workouts, hikes, and adventures with renewed vigor.

This combo packs 3 of each: Orange, Raspberry, and Matcha.

Each packet of chews contains 140 calories and 36 grams of carbohydrates, so one an hour (or even two, if you’re really going for it) should be more than enough. Think of these chews as little candies made from real fruit; a delightful treat that happens to assist you with your energy needs for a big race or training session. 

These are our go-to product for that mid workout punch. They are scaleable in the amount you can pop in your mouth (vs a one-use gel) which make fueling more flexible. They allow us to avoid bonking mid-workout without overpowering us with a sticky, overly sweet flavor.