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Floe Insulated Water Bottle 500ml

by Floe
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This NZ designed bottle is guaranteed to help you beat the heat when training or racing in hot conditions. Made with Silicon, the insulated bottle is designed to fit in a standard bottle cage and delivery fluid rapidly. The uniquely designed nozzle and squeezable form allow you to efficiently hydrate pre, during and post activity. The Floe bottle is the first bottle to dispense cool fluids and ice slushy through a patented free flow nozzle.

Studies over the last decade have uncovered the powerful benefits of cold drink ingestion for exercise in hot conditions. The research has shown that the cooler you can make your drink, the better your performance tends to be.

Typical aid station fluid temperatures are an unpalatable 15 - 22°C. The Floe bottle works to improve your performance in warm to hot conditions because it allows you to consume fluids in ice slushy formation.

The Floe bottle can also be used in cold conditions when using hot liquids and soups to increase core temperatures. The Floe bottle is the worlds most adaptable bottle. It’s designed to be able to deliver multiple fluid types to suit the use that you need it for to maximise your potential.

As used by top Kiwi athletes around the world, including NZ Triathlete Hayden Wilde to combat the heat at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.


  • Fits within bottles holders and bike cages.
  • Removable liner for non-insulated uses.
  • Comfortable to grip and flexible to squeeze.
  • Polypropylene only option (less insulated).
  • BPA Free.
  • Dishwasher safe.