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Clif Bar

by Clif
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Clif Bars provide a wholesome, nutrient-dense source of energy. They contains 42g of carbs, 9g of protein and 4g of dietary fibre, delivering a balanced metabolic energy boost. Made with organic ingredients, they are a delicious and nutritious way to stay energised.

Clif Bars are carefully crafted to provide a gradual and steady increase in blood sugar levels without the unpleasant crash that often follows high-sugar snacks. They offer energy from a variety of carbohydrate sources, along with a combination of protein, fat and fibre. They are particularly beneficial when consumed after physical activity, as they help replenish muscle glycogen, support recovery and enhance future performance.

Why We Love Them

As the original energy bar created by Clif Bar, this nutrition booster has passed the test of time. Clif Bars deliver an optimal blend of nutrition for sustained energy when your regular intake doesn't quite cut it. Reach for a Clif Bar 1–3 hours before activity and consume with water to prevent hunger and fuel muscles. They're also a tempting snack between meals or on busy days when you need to supplement your energy.